Chapter 1: Tales of the Periodista

Wherein our hero encounters the Periodista for the first time, and his fate is sealed.

Chapter 2: Chez Henri—Point of Origin?

Wherein our hero returns to the scene of the crime, and Paul O’Connell explores the advertising potential of social media.

Chapter 3: Rendezvous—When Jung Met Freud

Wherein our hero first learns of the Jack Rose Society from the unsung hero of the Boston bar scene, Scott Holliday.

Chapter 4: Green Street—The Steward

Wherein our hero fails to make a key connection, and Dylan Black recounts the legend of the B-Side Lounge.

Chapter 5: Noir—A Mystery in Print

Wherein our hero seeks out the story behind a key recipe, and instead find a tip that will lead him further down the rabbit hole.

Chapter 6: Brother Cleve—The Godfather

Wherein our hero meets the infamous Brother Cleve, who spins the tale of the Cocktail Nation, Saturnalia, and the birth of the Boston cocktail scene.

Chapter 7: Eastern Standard—Lifting Hemingway’s Prints

Wherein our hero challenges Jackson Cannon on the authenticity of the Hemingway Legend.

Chapter 8: Highland Kitchen—McGuirk’s Vindication

Wherein our hero hears the true story of the Periodista from Joe McGuirk, and learns that his search has only just begun.

Chapter 9: New Orleans, Part 1—The Monteleone

Wherein our hero takes his quest to New Orleans and first learns of the Cuban bartender’s association, El Club De Cantineros de Cuba.

Chapter 10: New Orleans, Part 2—Clues at Cure

Wherein our hero meets the three wise men, Angus Winchester, Wayne Curtis, and Ed Hamilton, and finds he is none the wiser for meeting them.

Chapter 11: New Orleans, Part 3—The Mixoloseum

Wherein our hero pays a visit to the shadow world of Tales of the Cocktail, and learns that kindred spirits are not always good for the soul.

Chapter 12: New Orleans, Part 4—The Bar Room Brawl

Wherein our hero is swept up in the sound and fury of a competition among masters, and Boston’s Drink vies for the top spot.

Chapter 13: New Orleans, Part 5—Mixography with Dave and Jeff

Wherein our hero contemplates the meaning of the word “moderation,” and listens while David Wondrich and Jeff “Beach Bum” Berry contemplate it, too.

Chapter 14: New Orleans, Part 6—Brian Rea

Wherein our hero enjoys some Abbot & Costello-like banter between legendary barman Brian Rea and Beach Bum Berry.

Chapter 15: New Orleans, Part 7—The Bartender’s Breakfast

Wherein our hero uses a golden key to enter the Cocktail Party to end all Cocktail Parties.

Chapter 16: New Orleans, Part 8—King Cocktail

Wherein our hero encounters the legendary Dale DeGroff, who offers a tip that might just lead him to the Periodista.

Chapter 17: One City’s Homage, One Man’s Quest

Wherein our hero discovers he has become a legend in his own lifetime, and receives the message he has been looking for all along.

Chapter 18: Lauren Clark—The Critic

Wherein our hero shows off an original Cuban Periodista recipe to’s Lauren Clark.

Chapter 19: Drink—Taste of Place

Wherein our hero pays a much anticipated visit to Drink, and Misty Kalkofen and John Gertsen talk about sex, hair, and cocktailing.

Chapter 20: David Wondrich—The Historian

Wherein our hero travels to New York to seek the wisdom of David Wondrich, and they drink beer.

Chapter 21: Greg Boehm—The Collector

Wherein our hero pays a visit to the Cocktail Kingdom of Greg Boehm, experiences disappointment, rebounds, and learns of a new collaboration in the realm of Cuban cocktail history.

Chapter 22: The Joe Baum Papers

Wherein our hero takes an unexpected trip—to the library—and delves into archival cocktail menus.

Chapter 23: Ted Haigh—Birth of a Pseudonym

Wherein our hero learns of the cocktail community’s humble cyber-beginnings, gets hammered with Dr. Cocktail, and drunk dials his future.